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Honri Hats Hunt Caps refurbishment

Honri Hats can provide a comprehensive service in the repair and refurbishment of Hunt Caps, Top Hats and Bowlers.

Traditional Hunt Caps do require regular repair in order to keep them in top condition. This could be from both wear and tear and also repairing damage after a fall. Could be just a new lining or mainly a full refurbishment.

A full hunt cap refurbishment not only replaces the outer covering and lining. We also fully repair and refurbish the body of the hat, so restoring it back to its original condition. This not only prolongs the life of the cap but also maintains the hats protection to the full. We would recommend that a cap in regular use is refurbished every 3 to 5 years. This will depend on the amount the cap is worn. Hunt staff should have their cap checked both for condition and also fit each year.

Hunt cap refurbishment prices

  • Full Hunt Cap refurbishment - £345 plus £15.00 p&p
  • Full Hunt Cap refurbishment and fitting leather harness - £365 plus £12.00 p&p (Will need to check fit of customer cap to check if it's possible)
  • Hunt Cap mini refurb - Lining, Ribbon & Brush up £140.00 - plus £12.00 p&p
  • Relining of Hunt Cap - £100.00 plus £12 p&p
  • Replacement of ribbon - £40.00 plus £12 p&p
  • Supply Replacement Cap Button - £15.00 plus £4 p&p

Top Hat & Bowler Repairs

We are able to provide many repairs that your beloved hat may need. This could be repairing a worn rim of a bowler, a shine up of a top hat, right up to a total rebuild of a crushed Silk Top Hat. We can work on both vintage silk top hats, fur felt toppers and all types of bowlers.

Honri Hats Before and after of a restored top hat

Here is an illustration of a before and after
of a top hat we have restored.

Top Hat Options & Prices

Below are a selection of top hat repair prices as a guide. For major reconstruction we will provide a quote upon seeing the hat.

  • Option A: Full House Silk Topper Refurbishment: Minor repairs to body, Silk clean & polish, Blocking to head shape, new binding, band & bow, replace insides if required and new leather slip - £390.00
  • Option B: New Binding, Band & Bow, Leather Slip and Polish - £160.00
  • Option C: Re-Block to head shape and Polish - £115.00
  • Option D: New Binding and Polish - £100.00
  • Option E: New Leather Slip and Polish - £70.00
  • Option F: New Band & Bow and Polish - £70.00
  • Option G: Fur felt Topper Full House including re-hooding - £390.00
  • Option H: Merino, Leather, Binding, Band & Bow, Polish £280
  • THRBLOCK: Blocking of hat to head shape - £60.00 (also available with options B,D.E,F) Delivery Charge of £12.00

Bowler Repair Prices

  • Bowler A: New binding, band & bow - £100.00
  • Bowler B: New leather slip, Binding, Band & Bow - £XXX
  • Bowler C: Shell bowler full house, New interior, Leather slip, Binding, Band & Bow - £XXX
All repairs are subject to Post & Packing charge of £12 unless hat is collected in person.